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How to Style Your Baby

5 Ways to give your baby’s Style a Boost

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If you are like me you want your kids to look really good when they are out and about. I have a boy and a girl and sometimes they are hard to dress, not just he outfit but putting it all together.  The hair, accessories, shoes, keeping their faces clean can even be a challenge.  I decided to put together a little list of things we can all do to make sure our kids always look their cutest. 


Here are five ways to keep your babies looking stylish.

  • Add a bracelet or headband, they will look on trend and fashionable-boy or girl
  • Put on some fun and stylish socks that stand out and make a statement when they are wearing a skirt or shorts.

  • Try a baby bun if your son or daughter has long hair/ if not a  add a cute hat that matches their outfit.

  • A bow always takes things to the next level, add one to your daughters hair or to your sons neck, so darling no matter what

  • Find a color that really suits  your baby and deck them out in it, different patterns and accents will make all the difference.

Bonus: Always have baby wipes and a camera handy to capture your baby rockin whatever style you have put together for them.

Side note: If you have a little money to spend there are always personalized clothes, headbands, jewelry, etc. to make that will be just for them and one of kind all at the same time.

How do you style your baby?

Tell us in the comments below

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