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two card pull 06/11/18

Ten of Cups and The King of Coins

Value those close to you…

The Ten of Cups harkens in a positive but emotional time in your life. You will become more self aware, listening vey closely to what your intuition tells you. This card instructs you to look towards family and friends. Whomever you share strong connections with. You are tasked with growing and strengthening those bonds. Attaining your greatest happiness, is now within reach so long as you maintain focus. The Ten of Cups enlightens you with the wisdom in valuing strong relationships. Absorb the happiness that they bring, for this is your source of strength. Use the energy these bonds produce to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for yourself.  Communication is a heavy aspect of this card, as it maintains the balance of relationships. Remember that each bond takes inner effort, respect goes both ways, and miscommunications can be and usually are temporary so long as they are addressed with honesty and pure intentions. Being that the Ten of Cups let the emotions loose, free to flow and be expressed, the King of Coins makes his entrance, ushering in the crucial need to master your base instincts. Order must be attained. The Kings of Coins is an indicator of good fortune and abundance, and so this card stands on the principle that everything worth cultivating must be done so with a strong foundation. Tend to your finances as they can quickly get away from you without due diligence. Be aware of those with a competitive nature, be it you or those in your orbit, as this may tip the scales and cause an uneven or uncomfortable relationship. The message the King of Coins conveys to you is clear. Security in all things requires your attention and energy.  Put your whole self into the effort and all aspects of your life shall reap the rewards.

Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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