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Daily General Tarot Card Draw

Tarot card draw june 7th

Knight of Wands and The Fool

What a fortuitous draw! As the Knight of Wands falls from the deck we are granted with the knowledge that road blocks and impediments will be lifted, be it physically or emotionally. A decision needs to be made in order for you to move onwards and upwards. Progress can apply to all aspects of life. Whatever the situation, you will be supported and acknowledged for your ability to navigate your way through. For the Knight of Wands tells me your innovative, and possess the not so easy ability to inspire. But take heed, for with your growing confidence and ambition on the rise, you must learn to put a damper on your equally growing impatience. It is perfectly natural for some personalities to have certain expectations of others or situations, but be careful not to alienate yourself with judgments of others simply because they do not meet your specific expectations. That being said untether your ambition and let your inner most creativity flow. The Fool appearing confirms that now is the time to follow your hearts desire. Your spirit is awakening and craves knowledge and exploration from all around. The Fool represents new beginnings. Whether it be inward or outward or both, the Fool is your starting point on the path of self discovery. With the Fool comes the necessary acknowledgment that with all new endeavors, be it in work, relationships, or adventures of any kind, comes great personal risk. Breathe that sigh of relief, for the Fool tells us that as long as we keep a sensible realistic head, even the greatest of risks can yield awesome rewards. It is time to shed the skins of self doubt and second guessing. Take that leap of faith. Once you have, keep going; embark with no hesitation in your heart, as it would only do you a disservice. Go with the flow in all aspects of your life and you will find your pathway fruitful and adorned with the purest forms of delight and satisfaction.

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