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The Moon and the Queen of Wands
When the Moon appears, there is an emotional vulnerability about you. You are having doubts about something, be it a relationship or a general situation. The Moon can be a little tricky since by the light the moon we know not that what we see is in fact what is actually there or what we want to see. I see a need to seek answers inward. Pay attention to your inner most thoughts, your dreams. Often times the Moon Card is saying you may have to take a risk. But fear not, also pulled was the Queen of Wands. A sign that tells you that you have power, but that you MUST step into it. No time for shyness, no time for hesitation, you have the power, the will, and the know how to take stock of your life and its many aspects and adjust course to find your balance. Always be open to opportunities. By the light of the Moon, you have all the strength you need within you to make your decision. Proceed.
Reading done by- The Real Aquarian

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