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The Chariot and The Sun
Hazaa! It may be a Monday, but today is a great day. A decision has been made. Even if it hasn’t been verbalized, or put into action yet, in your heart of hearts, you know the answer, you know what you want to do. The Chariot shows us that we are ready to take the situation, be it, everyday life, love, or a career, by the horns and proceed confidently. This is also a card signifying a need for willpower. It comes down to, now knowing what you want, having to ask yourself how bad do you want it? The Sun card follows, offering a showering of positive light on your life. The Sun is one of the best cards to pull, in that it symbolizes all that is good and right in the world when it comes to you. Whatever comes out of the darkness, the sun has returned to renew your energy, vitality, and vigor. It is by the light of the sun that all darkness is cast away and all will be well again. So live your life with zeal, and passion. Nurture and celebrate every aspect of what makes you, you, and be content in the knowledge that even when the sun sets, it shall rise again!
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