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Free General Daily Tarot Read Strength and Nine of Cups

Tarot card draw May 27



Strength and Nine of Cups
 So if you have any bad habits, now would be the time to break them. The Strength card is your higher self demonstrating courage, determination, and willpower to overcome any situation. Be warned though, this is not a card indicating any kind brashness. For we find strength even in patience. The Nine of Cups is an awe inspiring card in that it signifies dreams coming true. The things you hope for, things you’ve worked hard for, and even the things you’ve longed for may now present themselves to you. Use your strength in patience and nurture your wishes, just as you nurture your heart. Independence is an important part of this card, and so it is your Strength that will carry your forward. Be bold in all aspects of your life, but don’t forget to take time to appreciate all that you have…..and also all that you will.

Reading done by The Real Aquarian


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