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Daily Tarot Read Draw Two Card General Spread

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Ace of Coins and Justice

Balance be the way…
The Ace of Coins is always a welcome sight in any draw as it brings nothing but good fortune in all aspects of your life. It grants you with prosperity abound, a gift most precious. Be it in finances, relationships, or just a situation, the Ace of Coins represents your ability to succeed without limitation or hindrance. Maintain your strength and sense of purpose, for this card bestows on you the stuff that legacies are built upon. Let your mind, your heart and your energy be open to receiving it. Keep ever a watchful eye so you may never find yourself taking this fortuitous environment for granted as it could leave you unbalanced and unsatisfied. The Ace of Coins could bring money directly, or through an opportunity, so keep those eyes open. Justice walks behind the Ace of Coins as an affirmation of not only the positive things to come, but the need for them to be deserved. As in most things, balance is required to maintain a sense of fairness. Hold yourself to account, be ever honest, and grip firmly your sense of integrity. Let nothing (money, power, influences, or individuals) sway or dismantle that purest form of yourself, for the Justice card has unimpaired vision and so she sees all. Make logical decisions, but maintain a compassionate heart, as these will affect and protect your future. Receiving such a draw as this, means as good fortune flows into your life, you must ensure that you are deserving on a karmatic level. The key here is to not enter your upcoming good fortune with any doubt. Rest assured, that with a steady mind and a good heart, you will receive and enjoy all that you rightly deserve.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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