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Daily Tarot Two Card Universal Message

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The King of Cups and The Star (Reversed)
The King of Cups presents itself when a conflict , whether inward ( yourself) or outward (other persons) needs to be addressed and resolved. When conflicts arise so to does inner turmoil. One never knows initially how to settle these matters. Do you approach it logically, do you seek outside counsel and consensus, or do you go with your gut? As the King of Cups often needs time to sort out strong emotions before addressing them head on, so must you. However, when in doubt, the emotional rule of thumb applies. Follow your heart, pay close attention to your intuition, your own inner voice. The Star reversed takes us further into this conflict, and how to best proceed. Be careful not to play out false outcomes in your mind, as assumptions and negative emotions can cloud your judgement. Starlight is bewitching, and so to is the allure of taking the easy way out of a situation. Don’t give up without giving it your full attention and effort. It is in that effort that you then have no need to harbor regret. If your conflict is involving others, remember that you must engage and truly listen, for it is only when others feel completely heard that hostility and defenses wane. It is then that a solution can be found. So take heart, it isn’t all bad. The King of Cups and The Star reversed together tells us there is always hope. With careful thought and contemplation, a situation can always be resolved.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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