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Temperance and The Eight of Swords

Temperance shows its face when you’re dealing with a situation (either with an individual or your environment) that has the potential to go haywire if you are not paying attention. But once again, you must still your mind, even if only briefly. Temper your thoughts and do not allow raw emotion to spill over. This is a time for harmony and a test for inner balance. Seeking harmony requires accepting all facets of your situation, and in doing so coalescing them to form a more thoughtful, and considerate solution. When Temperance appears, its time to reconcile. Whatever aspect of your life has been awry, be it love, friendship, a career, or anything in between, no matter how small the issue; if it is causing you to feel off centered or unbalanced in any way, address it. So you must think on it, but not too long. Action is key here. The Eight of Swords reaffirms this very issue, for it symbolizes the feeling of being stuck or unhappy. You may have even wondered if things will ever change. But as in all things in life, this too shall pass. In this case finding your true path is obtained by finding a solution that stays true to your natural self. It takes determination, careful thought, and will power. Although the Eight of Swords is not the most positive card, just remember that this wont last forever. Take the wisdom Temperance offers and realize that a solution lies just beyond your current state of mind. So focus in, identify what sets you askew, and work hard to free yourself from the constraints that currently bind you.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian


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  • This is a lovely deck. Would you mind telling me the name of it?

    Lorraine Mathews

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