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Page of Wands and Three of Wands

Elevate yourself through self expression…..
The two cards drawn together paint a powerful picture of the need to be entirely yourself. The Page of Wands enters this draw with the message that good news is arriving. But like in most things, at least in the things we really want, a high amount of focus and thoughtfulness is required. But relax, The Page of Wands is only urging you to work smarter, not harder. Keep a level head, be more of yourself. Channel the incoming energies ( be it from people or situations) into your ambitions. There is an exuberance felt with this card. Even if you are not yet wise to the world, or have little experience in matters of life, love, and everything in between, you will eagerly consume knowledge and convert that into inspiration. This is not about naive thought, or delusions of grandeur. No, this is about possessing the ability to see potential in all things, great or small. The Page of Wands is about the process of growing, coming into your own. The wisdom lies in acknowledging that the journey itself and being ever present in the moment, is what yields your true vision of happiness. This new attainment of good news is reinforced by the Three of Wands, as it is a card that personifies your will power to succeed in all aspects of your life. I can not stress enough the importance of patience here, as with any form of passion, be it life or love, we all tend to want results immediately. This card fortifies the necessity to keep a calm and cool head. Three of Wands favors complete and honest individuality. Break from the herd, be your own champion and others will admire you for it. You embark on this journey for you alone, and in doing so, you pierce the veil of wisdom itself. So stay focused, be patient, but be proud, for you walk through life with the support and protection of the universe.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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