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Personal Read Questions Answered One Card General Pull

the magician personal card read

Hello, and thank you so much for your question.

  First of all, good on you for embarking down the path of self discovery, a path not all dare to travel down. It takes courage and strength to dig deep and bring forth our true selves. When we see signs around us and we feel they are meant for us, this usually means not only that they are, but more to the point that they are a way for your inner most self to communicate to you directly what it is that you really want. Upon shuffling and thinking on your question it was The Magician that sprung forth. The Magician is telling you that now is the time for action. You must listen very closely and carefully to your inner voice. Be honest with yourself as to what you in your heart of hearts truly desire. The Magician appearing, in any draw, is a very positive energy so take heed to his message, for in doing so you can rest easy. He beckons you to broaden your horizons. As he represents entrepreneurs, inventors, and creativity by design, he instructs you to take on a new approach to how you tackle any issue. Whether that be starting your own business, continuing to look for work, or just being able to relax,  trust your inner guidance to help in making your decisions. Now be aware that the Magician doesn’t just show up for everyone. Blessed are you for your creativity, skills, and talents. You have within you the ability to focus in on what you want out of life, so make the most of it. Follow the Magicians lead and step into your power. Clear the way for yourself by the acting on your dreams and aspirations with the purest of intentions and heart. Utilize your own personal strengths to guide you through banishing doubt and worry from your life. Worries, hesitation, and impatience only stifle and stunt your personal growth, as well as warp your perception of the world as it is. It places a binding around you that only tightens the more you try to control the flow of the universe. So Travel your path with confidence, so long as you stay true to yourself. It is your drive and will power that will catapult you forward, for life can only be beautiful, when we truly commit to our own personal passions.

Reading done by The Real Aquarian


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