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Personal Reading one question one card The Real Aquarian

personal read card pull the real aquarian

Thank you so much for your question!

I shuffled thinking on it and The Ace of Wands fell.

The Ace of Wands brings in a very positive energy, that reawakens your inner essence. Its draw, will ignite that burning sense of purpose. It is that purpose that has sent you down the path toward raising your vibration and finding that inner peace. Be careful not to get in your own way by focusing your energy on the wrong things. The Ace of Wands requires that you delve deeper and pull forth your inner most truth. You will have to venture into new territory within yourself. This card is about new beginnings and so it beckons you to approach your goals with “fresh eyes”. Start anew with raising your vibrations. Rethink your strategy. Your energy for elevating yourself, for finding that inner peace is singular and strong, but it must be channeled correctly and with true purpose. Find what breathes true inspiration into your very being. Nurture your sense of adventure, without binding yourself to hesitation or second guessing. You have the drive, now you must act. Be brave, as the Ace of Wands envelopes you with protection as you embark on your journey. Don’t wait for others to follow, for this is a path that you must walk alone. No one but you can harness your unique creative energy. Use it to rekindle your passion. It is only then will you raise your vibrations higher than you thought possible, and finally sit upon the thrown of inner peace.

Reading done by The Real Aquarian


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