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 Card 1 Blue Stone
Page of Swords and Six of Wands
Hazaa! You can acquire that which you desire. You may proceed in furthering your ambitions, but you must be ready for what comes next. Be both alert and receptive to opportunities when and in whatever form they present themselves. Rely on your intelligence, for yours is a clever mind, but keep a firm and trusting view of your instincts. The Six of Wands speaks of a deserved success. Do not devalue your effort nor your reward. Envelope yourself with those that love you, for great opportunities have revealed themselves on your horizon. Be patient, it is coming.
Card 2 Purple (some thought pink) 
Two of Wands (Reversed) and Ace of Swords
Your talents are currently being wasted, or improperly used. Opportunities are being lost out on. Change on some level is required to rectify this situation. The time to reignite your passions has come. Surround yourself with those that care for you, as it will raise your vibrations and place you back on the path to splendor and inner wisdom. The Ace of Swords makes it clear that now is the time for directness. You must be clear in your intentions be it in work, love, or life in general. This more confident and assertive self will yield successes. Find your balance, maintain pure intent, and you will find bliss in all things.
Card 3 Green 
Five of Swords and the Knight of Cups
A source of tension-filled energy is about you. Continuous stresses flow through your life, but take heart as all is not lost. Although conflict may prove a disappointing outcome, its best to step aside, lick your wounds, process your emotions and be on your way. With the Knight of Cups as clarification, there is a lack of follow through at present in ones life. To remedy, be genuinely present for the little daily joys as they consistently mend your heart and spirit; ever strengthening your inner resolve to press on.

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