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Daily General Tarot Card Draw

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A decision needs to be made in order for you to move onwards and upwards. 

With the Fool comes the necessary acknowledgment that with all new endeavors, be it in work, relationships, or adventures of any kind, comes great personal risk. 

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Let your instincts and intuition carry you through…

When the Eight of Cups appears reversed, you can bet it’s because your not letting go of something or someone. 

The Devil validates that there is a negative situation at hand, and its usually because we have made a mistake or fooled ourselves.

Daily Tarot Read Draw Two Card General Spread

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The Ace of Coins is always a welcome sight in any draw as it brings nothing but good fortune in all aspects of your life.  Justice walks behind the Ace of Coins as an affirmation of not only the positive things to come, but the need for them to be deserved.

Daily Tarot Card Spread Advice and Guidance by The Real Aquarian

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The Chariot shows us that we are ready to take the situation, be it, everyday life, love, or a career, by the horns and proceed confidently.  The Sun is one of the best cards to pull, in that it symbolizes all that is good and right in the world when it comes to you.

Free General Daily Tarot Read Strength and Nine of Cups

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Strength card is your higher self demonstrating courage, determination, and willpower to overcome any situation.  The Nine of Cups is an awe inspiring card in that it signifies dreams coming true. 
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