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The Fool The High Priestess Tarot Card Spread

The Fool The High Priestess Tarot Card Spread

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Tarot Read Two Card Spread General Guidance

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The Six of Pentacles springs forth from the deck to indicate the need to obtain a balance of character.   The Queen of Cups gives the gifts of love and happiness, and in return she only asks of you the effort of emotional honesty.

Daily General Tarot Card Draw

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A decision needs to be made in order for you to move onwards and upwards. 

With the Fool comes the necessary acknowledgment that with all new endeavors, be it in work, relationships, or adventures of any kind, comes great personal risk. 

Daily Tarot Read Draw Two Card General Spread

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The Ace of Coins is always a welcome sight in any draw as it brings nothing but good fortune in all aspects of your life.  Justice walks behind the Ace of Coins as an affirmation of not only the positive things to come, but the need for them to be deserved.
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