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The Nine of Coins and The Lovers
The Nine of Coins brings in a time of stability , both in self and finances. Heed caution, as this card also signifies the need to guard yourself against complete materialism and ego. Maintain control of who you really are. Keeping this in mind, you will see intense productivity in ones self, as you find balance in the melding of mind, body, and spirit. Time for yourself and your needs beckons. Do for yourself whatever it is that makes you happy; surround yourself in all things that bring you pleasure. As The Lovers card makes its entrance, you are rewarded with a raising of your consciousness. This is done by the act of loving ourselves, your WHOLE self. You must love and accept both the light and dark aspects of yourself. There’s only one you, so you must appreciate that awesome truth. The Lovers speak of a relationship either that you are in or will be in. ( Keep in mind that this could also be a friendship). And it is with that relationship a decision will be made. Remember, the decisions you make today can have lasting effects on more than just tomorrow. This card is one of my favorites because it’s about risk. The risk of following your heart rather than your head. Something all of us should try more often. It is in the heart of that risk that lies a potential plethora of unbelievable possibilities, be it true love, finding ones true passion, or being able to finally be true to yourself. You are about to make a mature decision, a long term decision. Be honest with yourself, with what you really want, what you actually need. In doing so, you are able to follow your hearts desire with success.


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