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The Empress and The Knight of Coins Tarot Card Spread

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The Empress and the Knight of Coins


For she is the gateway to new life….
When The Empress appears, all is right in your world, or it will be. She is resourceful and cunning, and in that gifts you with fertility, harmony, love and abundance in all things. She reveals that either you or another in your orbit is good and loving; a mother of sorts. An enormous heart watches over and cares deeply about those around you. If you are wanting to have a baby, this card places the blessing at your feet. Respect the gift and do all you can to help the process succeed, for you honor her in self love and self care. Harmony will find it’s way into your realm, as security, and emotional support flow readily, tipping the scales of life in your favor. Be grateful for the time and peace of mind she bestows, for she brings you happiness. Swiftly behind her arrives the Knight of Coins. He tells us that time is precious and that you must use your time wisely . Although day to day life can be tedious and often times rather monotonous, the Knight of Coins reassures us that practicality pays off. Hard work and effort returns vast rewards, as The Empress assures your needs and wants WILL be met. The two cards combined further illustrate the need to put in the effort for the things you want, but also that good things do happen to good people. And YOU, are a good person, for The Empress doesn’t grace just anyone with her presence.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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