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The Real Aquarian

We are super excited to announce our sponsoring of a wonderful and talented tarot reader The Real Aquarian.  We will be posting a daily read from her on our blog as well as email readings to people who have joined the list:

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In the meantime please enjoy her first  general read on our blog.

I pulled the…

Seven of Cups and The Hermit
Ok so the seven of cups tells me that amazing things, i.e.. options and opportunities are coming around. Starting to present themselves if you will. Definitely not a logic card. This is about going with the proverbial flow. And in doing so becoming a little more aware of your own instincts as well as your emotions. Sounds cliché but listen to your heart. (Be truly honest with yourself)
The Hermit showing with the Seven of Cups tells me, that yes there is a new project or perhaps one you’ve had on your mind for sometime. The hermit shows us inner reflection. To take time for oneself to really think about what we want to do, whether that be in life, love, or everything in between. So take time to still you mind, only then can you truly hear your inner self tell you the truth, how you really feel, what you really want. Only then will you be truly confident in moving forward.

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