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Three of Cups

tarot card spread


Three of Cups 
Don’t overthink your path to happiness, just enjoy the walk…

Enter this day with the goal of fully enjoying and engaging with your life as the Three of Cups advises. This card directs you to go with the flow of the universe in all things. This is a piece of wisdom not easily attained by most, and when attained, should be considered a great victory. For in that wisdom lies the gateway to inner peace; the gateway to your happiness. Now is the time for indulgences all around. You give so much; your comfort, your energy, your support, your love, your attention, your everything. The Three of Cups asks now that you give unto yourself; give all that you would so selflessly give to those you truly care about. Engulf yourself in happiness, what ever form that takes i.e. a person, a place, an activity, a passion. The Three of Cups bids you enjoy it while you can, for as long as you can, for as with all things, time will do what it does best… change. This card relates to successful relationships both present and potential, be it friend of lover. For all, a closer connection, or strengthening in your bond, but for some this indicates a baby. This will manifest as a direct result of enjoying each others time and energy. So have fun, and lots of it, because its what’s energizing your spirit. Listen, you need this right now, more so than usual, so heed the recommendation the Three of Cups offers, and give it to yourself. Don’t overthink your path to happiness, just enjoy the walk. The Three of Cups implies a time of mental, physical, and emotional healing. Reawaken your true self, by replenishing your vitality (in finding joy everyday, no matter how small a moment), receive and be open to all forms of love, and stay young at heart no matter your age because when you are truly happy, time is irrelevant. ⠀⠀


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Reading done by The Real Aquarian



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