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Ace of Cups and the Four of Wands

Let the good, loving passionate emotions flow… The Ace of Cups tells us that your creativity and personal growth in all things (love, spirituality, life) is elevated and on the rise today. Priorities come into focus, but fear not, for it is applied to all things, and focus on one thing versus another will not be viewed negatively. If your situation is about being a parent or becoming a parent, know that your priorities and energy shifts to this above above all else. If your situation is about love in general, a relationship or a friendship, it signifies a bountiful love unencumbered and full of support. So whatever your passion, feed it, because even those around you want you to succeed. This cards tells you to take a minute today to look around you and see if only for a moment your world through grateful eyes. Quickly on its heels (literally fell out of the deck whilst shuffling), the Four of Wands validates and emboldens the Ace of Cups.
Wear that confidence, show that smile, be your true self, and strut your stuff. The Four of Wands tells us that in doing so, your light, your energy, your vitality shines brightly upon those around you. Imagination, creativity, joy, and the bliss they bring are contagious. Open your heart, let your love for all flow, and others will quickly follow suit.
Reading done by The Real Aquarian

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