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Z Beans Koffie Whole Bean Coffee Jar

$ 24.95
Z Beans Koffie Whole Bean Coffee Jar 
The Perfect Gift for Anyone!
Z Beans Koffie 
Deep aromas and full bodied flavors make Z Beans Koffie the gold standard of coffees. Why settle for a good cup of coffee when you can have the absolute best cup of coffee? We here at L&G believe coffee is something to be enjoyed no matter what the setting, at home or on the go. Raise the bar on coffee for yourself and others all year round.
So, start every morning brightly, boldly, and with a full hot cup of Z Beans Koffie.
Choose your jar of our premium whole beans from any 1 of these countries.

Z Beans Koffie  Whole Bean Jar

 Origin: Ethiopia

~Subtle floral aromas, deep full bodied flavor~

 Origin: Congo

~Full-bodied rustic coffee~ 
 Origin: India

~Balanced rich bodied, mild brew~

Origin: America 

~Smooth Balanced Brew~

Z Beans Koffie is all organic fair trade certified to promote ethical and environmental responsibility. Each jar is made to order to provide the utmost freshness and quality. 

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