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Our Coffee Lover Gift Set Pack

Does your friend not feel alive until they’ve had their coffee in the morning? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover?

Discovered in Ethiopia around 800AD, coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth (beaten only by petroleum) and one of the first foods to be freeze dried. As you can probably imagine, it is also one of the most popular beverages in the world with cafes like Star Bucks having never been more popular in America.

However, not all coffee is made equal with many people not experiencing this drink at its best. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a caffeine addict, our Coffee Lover Gift Pack Set could be ideal.

Our coffees are of the finest quality and will raise the bar for your experience of this wonderful beverage.

Your friend or relative will be full of (coffee) beans with this wonderful gift.

Our gift set pack includes richly fragranced and full-bodied coffees which come from all over the world, including the home of coffee: Ethiopia, along with India, America and the Congo.

All coffees in the gift pack are fair trade certified to promote ethical and environmental responsibility.

Why not check out our Coffee Lover’s Gift Pack today?

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